How a Memphis barber is helping clients with more than fresh cuts

Author: Rebecca Butcher

“Mental health is, in our community, is really a big problem,” commented Prude. “Our people, you know what I’m saying, because of what we’ve been through throughout the years, it plays a lot into our everyday life.”

According to Mental Health America, Tennessee ranked number 42 on how much mental health care exists within a state.

Prude decided to take another step to help and support.

“I feel that it’s necessary to do something to try to lift a hand, lift a voice, something,” said the barbershop owner. “So because of that it means a lot to be more than just a barber.”

Prude says he’s learned the first step to an emotional health issue is acknowledging there’s a problem.

“Seek help, talk to people and figure out if you’re having issue or not, which in most cases a lot of us do.”