Why Black Men Are Transforming The Stigma About Depression & Therapy--Okayplayer

Why Black Men Are Transforming The Stigma About Depression & Therapy . - - William Ketchum III


Instead of expecting ourselves to be invincible, we’re beginning to see the mental wear and tear that bigotry can have — and suddenly, the need for therapy isn’t out of the question. We see that depression is a reasonable result of dealing with the shit that we go through.

A Different #LawrenceHive: How 'Insecure' Made One Of TV’s Best Depictions of Black Mental Health - - William Ketchum III

This issue is especially serious within the black community, as we suffer more than other groups because of racism, police brutality, wealth-and-health inequality, a white supremacist president, discrimination—whatever—you name it and it is an extreme worry to us. We are more likely to “pray it away” or hide it altogether because strength is such a large part of our ethnic identity.

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