The Stigma Behind Being a Man’s Man

Tell us your story to help rid stigma!

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I often think about a prevalent phenomenom in the world today around men, which is men need to be omnipotent in order to feel self-worth. Why is it that we define ourselves by the superficial elements of how “manly” we are. If you take a deep look as societal norms and how men want to be percieved, the “ideal” is someone who supresses how they feel to show confience no matter the perogative. You see it all the time with words like “pussy”, “bitch”, “soft”, which highlight a unique perspective men take to other men who they believe show weakness and inferiority to the “ideal man”. Fuck that.

My grandfather told me one thing that I live by everday. He said, “in a place where there are no men, be a man”. My definition of a man is someone who doesnt hide from the truth, doesnt shy away from that truth, and lives by an open and honest relationship with himself. Mental health and Men’s Health as a whole needs to be predacated on the fact that we must be authentic to how we feel and what we need to better ourselves. Authenticity is jepoardized when we let societal forces and stigmas define us.

Curious if other men feel the same way?