The Men's Health Arkive Matters

Ironically enough, as Jake Fishman and his co founder have put the Men’s Health Arkive into action, we happened to cross paths a baseball training facility. I was intrigued as to what they are looking to accomplish with the site. Without him knowing, I myself had been diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder back in 2012 following my first manic episode. (I think this goes to show just how small a circle men’s health can be.) It was a horrible timing, trying to finish a college degree and with no real warning signs of what was to come. As much as friends, relatives, etc. tried to understand my situation, it’s not that simple. Since then, I finished my degree, and have been successful the last 3 years or so working in the financial services sector. Through regular appointments with a psychiatrist, diligently taking prescribed medications and a general effort of self care, I lived what most would consider a very successfully life for a mid twenty year old In fact, I’d suspect not many in my working environment would have ever guessed my disease.

What people don’t see, is the toxicity this disease can bring to relationships,with family and significant others, not often by choice, but rather a sometimes an uncontrollable side to this illness. Stress and alcohol consumption are by far my biggest adversaries, and simply eliminating them from my life is a lot easier said then done. Dependence on drugs or alcohol have long been linked to Bipolar I disorder, which is not an excuse, but a reality.

Why Men’s Health Arkive Matters, from my perspective, is it gives a new outlet for communication. A place to pick up new ideas and also learn and share experiences with those going through similar struggles. I wish Jake and Sam the best in this endeavor, and believe they have really found a target market that can benefit from there efforts and those involved.



Thanks Andrew, for sharing your story. As someone who has suffered from mental illness and dependence on drugs and alcohol, I too recognize them (and stress) as my biggest adversaries. Even more so, as a musician and creative person, I have trouble distinguishing sometimes between who is driving the art: the disease, the drugs, or me. Even when I know I have a problem, I sometimes can justify it as it has enabled me to express myself in ways I can’t when I’m sober or happy.

I know there must be a way to recognize myself as the artist, to separate myself from the sadness or substances, but swallowing the topic and just continuing as is, despite the pain, has brought me success and further complicated my relationships.

I appreciate the outlet that this Arkive can provide me, and I’ve already been encouraged to speak with others more as a result. Thanks for sharing your story and helping me find words to share mine.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I hope this will encourage others to share their story and contribute to lowering the stigma surrounding mental illness. Keep up the good work training and good luck to your future endeavors!