Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union on D-Wade's post-retirement life

Nichols: It is weird when professional athletes retire. You’re not just quitting your job, this is the thing that has dictated what city you’ve lived in. When you go on vacation and when you don’t. Where your kids go to school, like everything. When you eat, when you wake up, when you go to sleep at night. And when you walk away from that, you are walking away from the structure of your entire life. What do you think that is going to be like?
Wade: As I said, I’ll be in therapy.
Nichols: Seriously?
Wade: No, seriously. I meant it is going to be a big change. This is what I know, like, my life has been this. it’s not all that I am, of course, but this is the main part of it. From the standpoint of it makes everything work. I told my wife, I said, I need to do therapy and we need to do a little bit. I was always against someone that don’t know me telling me how to live my life or giving me instructions. But I need someone to talk to about it. Because it is a big change. Even though I got a long life to live, other great things I can accomplish and do, it’s not this. So it’s going to be different.
Nichols: The fact that someone like you is going to talk about that is going to make it OK for other people to do something like that. You know the impact that’s going to have.