Bad Fire AudioBook!

We are so proud today to bring you an audiobook version of Tucker Lieberman’s memoir Bad Fire read by the author himself!

Tucker describes it as, “A brief, galloping memoir of mental illness, containing unflinching observations and unorthodox positions on Judaism, atheism, gender, weight loss, madness, and butterflies. With color illustrations by the author.” and we believe that it is an important story that needs be heard for its truth, humor, and brilliant storytelling.

Give it a listen and find it available on amazon or E-kindle below!

Kindle eBook:

We are so glad to be included in Tucker’s book as a resource and to support his work!


Bad Fire by Tucker Lieberman

Read by the author. (1 hour, 1 minute; MP3, 90 MB)

Intro/outro music by Tyops (Creative Commons attribution license).

From Tucker’s Original Post:

For a year or two, I was overcome by trauma-related stress, which was amplified by work-related stress. I recovered and was able to explain my feelings and experiences in a 30-page memoir. It touches on themes of Judaism, atheism, gender, weight loss, madness, and butterflies. This is intense and densely written. For several months, I rewrote it over and over. I’d be interested to know if anyone can relate to my story or my ideas. I hope the book can help someone, somehow.

As of today, it’s available as a paperback ($10) and as a Kindle eBook ($3, or free with Kindle Unlimited subscription). Kindle books can be read on any device. Because of the color illustrations, it will look best if you use a device that has color.

Kindle eBook:

In the back of the book, I mentioned The Arkive as a resource.

Tucker Lieberman


Thanks so much for sharing! It was great to have the chance to talk with you about the book.

For anyone who enjoys the free audiobook version, it would be very helpful if you left a rating and/or a review on Goodreads! It helps other people learn about the book.


P.S. Goodreads is a good place to find out about books, for example, on the user-submitted list of Memoirs about Mental Health/Illness.

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I just learned the word “akathisia” from Avichai Scher’s new article “When Side Effects Turn Deadly.” It’s “a rare and little-known side effect of medication, most commonly antipsychotics and certain antidepressants, characterized by extreme inner restlessness. For some, the turmoil is so strong it quickly leads to death by suicide.”