“Dear Black Men…” : CSUN’s Biannual Men of Color Enquiry


“Throughout our research, it was rather difficult finding articles on this topic. It’s not really discussed [in the black community], so it’s a topic we want to bring to light,” Luis said.

CSUN senior Brendon Scott, alumnus William Alisca Jr. ’16 (Creative Writing) and Anthony Lawson performed a series of “black man-ologues,” where they discussed abuse, mental health, personal tragedy and triumph as it related to race. Keynote speaker Stephan A. Small, a professor from University of California, Berkeley’s Department of African American Studies, spoke about his work on African in Europe.

“Our class is related to the black male, but … the black community overall has to come together and realize, we have to learn how to treat these issues instead of just going [along], knowing that we have a problem, but not wanting to address it,” Parks said.